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For organizations

We are here to provide technical and organizational support to your association or organization. We support your business and give you access to both the breeding tool and a range of administrative tools.

How about:

Entry tools and results tallies, membership registers and administration tools, the ability to post live broadcasts and the ability for competitors to tag themselves and their animal for searchability in published results lists. Don't spend money on updating your technical tools, instead partner with us and let us update them for you.


We do not register animals and do not organize competitions - we never compete with you. Our focus is to give you technical and organizational support so that you can do what you do best and so that your association can maintain the highest possible level. We contribute with an ethical approach and when we do what we do best together, we create more sustainability and better health for the animals and a more humane atmosphere for all of us to work in.


We also believe that good collaboration and a good organizational structure benefits our community. Animal.OOO wants to promote healthy structures, mentorship and an inclusive mindset. We believe that the path to sustainable breeding comes through increased cooperation within and between the organizations. We want to be your partners and your technical support so that your everyday life and your work become easier.


In brief

  • Technical and organizational support for associations
  • Breeding tool and member register
  • Administrative tools
  • Entry tools and result reports
  • Live broadcasts
  • Competitors can tag themselves in results lists
  • Ethical, sustainable and healthy mindset
  • Simplify everyday work

Tech solutions for animal lovers

“Animals do so much for us, it is important that we give back to them in every way we can”

Helena Isolde Sundsgård

Founder & CEO


For all species and all breeds in all countries







The future of animal breeding

The future of animal breeding

The breeding tool

The key to being able to breed ethically and sustainably in the long term is to preserve the genetic variation. Animal.OOO has developed a completely new and unique breeding tool that has the potential to revolutionize the breeding work of the future and we will offer it to users completely free of charge.

Cooperation - The key to healthy breeding

For breeding, good cooperation between breeders, both within the country and across national borders is key.

Conservation - a sustainable way of breeding.

Animal.OOO uses scientists' knowledge of conserving wild species and applies the same thinking to pet breeding.

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