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For the professionals

Whether you compete professionally at the highest level or just enjoy training and competing with your animal, we can make your everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

In our calendar you can see your training and competitions as well as upcoming registrations. You can post and distribute your educational classes, physical as well as online, in our course tools and there is the possibility of live broadcasting of your events. You can also follow the live broadcasts of national and international competitions and championships. We advocate an ethical and research-based training where cooperation, sustainability and the best interests of the animal are in focus and we will work to ensure that it is the only type of training found with us.


We also have a range of species-specific tools, such as for horses where you can see times for feeding, shoeing and time in the paddock or pasture, and you can plan these together with others in your stable or in your business. If you run an animal-related business, you can both find customers as well as be found by your customers on Animal.OOO. Advertise in a targeted manner and reach the pet owners who are interested in your services, or search for the services you yourself need to develop further.


In brief

  • The breeding of tomorrow with our technology
  • Ethical breeding with a focus on long-term health
  • Unique breeding tool and the latest knowledge
  • Calendar tool - everyday life becomes easier
  • Special tools - name generators and pregnancy circles
  • Save time - focus more on the animals

“Animals do so much for us, it is important that we give back to them in every way we can”

Helena Isolde Sundsgård

Founder & CEO


For all species and all breeds in all countries







The future of animal breeding

The future of animal breeding

The breeding tool

The key to being able to breed ethically and sustainably in the long term is to preserve the genetic variation. Animal.OOO has developed a completely new and unique breeding tool that has the potential to revolutionize the breeding work of the future and we will offer it to users completely free of charge.

Cooperation - The key to healthy breeding

For breeding, good cooperation between breeders, both within the country and across national borders is key.

Conservation - a sustainable way of breeding.

Animal.OOO uses scientists' knowledge of conserving wild species and applies the same thinking to pet breeding.

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