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About us

“Animals do so much for us, it is important that we give back to them in every way we can”

Helena Isolde Sundsgård

Founder & CEO


Our story

The woman behind Animal.OOO is the ethologist and population geneticist Helena Isolde Sundsgård. She has a background as a leadership and organizational developer, but her heart is forever with the animals. She has trained and developed school dogs and therapy animals and breeds kelpies and the Swedish cat breed European shorthair. The idea to develop what is now Animal.OOO has been with her for over 20 years, and together with a group of female investors, the platform is now growing. “We are a tech company for the animal community” says Helena Isolde.


The family tree

Helena Isolde Sundsgård

CEO & Founder

Amanda Hedrén

Product Owner

Gabriella Ekström

Head of Content

Sara Erman

VD Electrolux England/Irland Fd Vice CEO E-Commerce Europa, Electrolux

Maria Andersson Grimaldi

Investor Executive Business Advisor Board Professional

Anna Norrevik

Development Director at DICE ex-CEO at Antler Interactive

Linda Laikre

Advisor Professor of population genetics

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