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We want to help you get closer to your customers - the pet owners. To make it easier for you to communicate with them, we use the Animal.OOO platform, where they are already active and use a number of different tools. Here we help you build a customer club where the pet owners can get all relevant information from you.

Here we help you build a customer club where the pet owners can get all relevant information from you. By sharing offers, discounts and information, we make it easy for pet owners to stay updated. We also give your customers the opportunity to show that they are proud customers of yours, which makes them influencers for your company. This means that they can influence other pet owners to also use your business.


We make it possible for selected people to feature your company name in their posts, photos and contest results, giving you additional exposure and positive publicity. In addition, we offer a convenient service for breeders to deliver starter kits to buyers of young animals through our platform. It gives you as a business owner information and access to the next generation of animals and their owners. To ensure that you reach the right customer, we provide the opportunity to find pet owners based on their geographic location, age, animal species, breed and also specific characteristics that the animal has, such as the type of coat. Likewise, we can effectively help pet owners find you, whether you want to reach them online or locally.


In brief

  • Get closer to your customers - the pet owners
  • Communicate with them on the platform
  • Unique customer club where the pet owners already are
  • Share offers, discounts and information
  • Let the customer become your influencer
  • Get tagged in your influencers' posts
  • Reach buyers through starter packages
  • Get access to the next generation of pet owners
  • Reach just the right customers

“Animals do so much for us, it is important that we give back to them in every way we can”

Helena Isolde Sundsgård

Founder & CEO


For all species and all breeds in all countries







The future of animal breeding

The future of animal breeding

The breeding tool

The key to being able to breed ethically and sustainably in the long term is to preserve the genetic variation. Animal.OOO has developed a completely new and unique breeding tool that has the potential to revolutionize the breeding work of the future and we will offer it to users completely free of charge.

Cooperation - The key to healthy breeding

For breeding, good cooperation between breeders, both within the country and across national borders is key.

Conservation - a sustainable way of breeding.

Animal.OOO uses scientists' knowledge of conserving wild species and applies the same thinking to pet breeding.

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