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For breeders

As a breeder, you can be part of the creation of tomorrows breeding. Our technology and our tools together with your knowledge of your species or breed pave the way for a completely new way of thinking in breeding.

As a breeder, you get access to the breeding tool, which gives you the opportunity to breed ethically and with a focus on the long-term health of the entire population, i.e. the breed. The breeding tool gives you access to functions such as “founder alert” which shows if original genes in the breed are about to disappear and “mean kinship” which shows which individuals are least used in the breed.


We will also show the effective population and how high the degree of inbreeding in your breed is, so you can compare breeds and species and learn from each other, even across national borders. The usual inbreeding coefficient in the pedigree is of course available, but also a completely new view where you can see the entire breed and founder lines in a visually unique and innovative way that opens up many new possibilities. More news will be presented over time. Read more about the Breeding Tool here. The breeding tool will always be offered completely free - our main focus is to contribute to a more sustainable and healthy breeding that in the long run benefits our entire community.


You also get access to calendar tools that help you keep track of when the animal is in estrus, time for births, vaccinations and veterinary visits. We also offer specific tools such as name generators and pregnancy circles where you can follow the development of the fetus and the young animal. Animal.OOO gives you the conditions to do what you do best and have more time for your animals. Be the best breeder you can be and create health for the entire population. We create tools that create added value and facilitates your everyday life as a breeder.


In brief

  • Future breeding with our technology
  • Ethical breeding with a focus on long-term health
  • Unique breeding tool and the latest knowledge
  • Calendar tool - everyday life becomes easier
  • Special tools - name generators and pregnancy circles
  • Save time - focus more on the animals

Tech solutions for animal lovers

ACCESS THE BREEDING TOOL Do you wish to have access to all the benefits of the breeding tool completely free? If you are responsible for a larger organization: contact us, so that we can design a long-term collaboration. If you already have access to a database and want to start using the breeding tool, send it to The data should ideally be in the form of json, tsv or excel. For very large files, contact us for information. If you are not responsible for the breeding data for your species or breed, but want you to be part of the breeding of the future, please tell the responsible person or organization about us and show them our website. ALL SPECIES AND BREEDS ARE MOST WELCOME Our focus is to make an ethical and sustainable change together with you! We want to contribute to more sustainable and healthy animals in the long term. Together we are the solution.


For all species and all breeds in all countries







The future of animal breeding

The future of animal breeding

The breeding tool

The key to being able to breed ethically and sustainably in the long term is to preserve the genetic variation. Animal.OOO has developed a completely new and unique breeding tool that has the potential to revolutionize the breeding work of the future and we will offer it to users completely free of charge.

Cooperation - The key to healthy breeding

For breeding, good cooperation between breeders, both within the country and across national borders is key.

Conservation - a sustainable way of breeding.

Animal.OOO uses scientists' knowledge of conserving wild species and applies the same thinking to pet breeding.

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