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Other tech solutions

Does your association or organization want to improve and simplify your technical solutions? We would very much like to become your technical partner, and we present a comprehensive set of services that will lift your business to new heights.


We build your registration tool and facilitate the work both for you and for the participants who want to register for your event. With our technical foundation, we reduce the risk of bugs and offer the participant payment solutions from global players such as Klarna and Paypal. Participants get the opportunity to easily find and register for nearby competitions, receive registration reminders, and synchronize their events in our calendar.


Live broadcasts

Our robust live broadcasting system delivers a first-class experience whether it's club competitions or major championships. We integrate details that help the presenters to present results in real time during the broadcast.



With our results service, you can constantly keep your followers engaged by presenting current results, statistics about victories, disqualifications and other information that is unique to your particular sport. By creating custom lists, which rank the most successful or those with the most starts for example, you can further increase interest. You can also show the current ranking and the participants can tag themselves in the lists. Our gamification of titles and wins makes your results page an exciting and modern experience for the user.



We help your members to easily pay the membership fee, and it will be easy for you to collect membership lists, ready for the treasurer to use. Through our platform, you can easily reach out to your members and you can also remind the members that the membership is about to expire.


Your own vision

Our goal is to realize your unique visions and needs. With our technical expertise and your specific knowledge, the possibilities are endless. Let us together create the perfect technical solution for you. Together, we shape the future of your association or organization with outstanding technology and innovative solutions. Contact us for a meeting where we can learn more about your needs.

The future of animal breeding

The future of animal breeding

The breeding tool

The key to being able to breed ethically and sustainably in the long term is to preserve the genetic variation. Animal.OOO has developed a completely new and unique breeding tool that has the potential to revolutionize the breeding work of the future and we will offer it to users completely free of charge.

Cooperation - The key to healthy breeding

For breeding, good cooperation between breeders, both within the country and across national borders is key.

Conservation - a sustainable way of breeding.

Animal.OOO uses scientists' knowledge of conserving wild species and applies the same thinking to pet breeding.

For all species and all breeds in all countries






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